xenForo.com First 100 Members Role Call


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Looks as if I'm Member Number 93 ,

Would it be impossible to get the first 100 members to post in this thread?

Has xF considered doing something special for the first 100? Like Life time instant 24/7 phone support lol

Really i want to see out of the first swarm how many are still active


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I'm 53. :) Susan's a lot farther down the list IIRC... She tends to wait till I hit a certain level of enthusiasm about a new site/system before she registers ;).

(of James and Susan)


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#81. :D I had Kier's tweets sent to my phone waiting to hear what he was up to... Speaking of which... I've just never bother to turn those off.


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So...I'm curious to know...how did all of you guys find out so quickly, lol? I'm pretty sure I joined soon after I spotted Kier's tweet (though, granted, I wasn't following everything really closely in expectations of a new software while I think some of you were more aware of the situation, lol) and I'm #348. :p