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Lack of Interest XenCart

Discussion in 'Closed Suggestions' started by Jose Amaral Mota, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. Jose Amaral Mota

    Jose Amaral Mota Active Member

    Why not move away from having the Still like to see Paid Subscription (if it exists) as being part of cart system and created by the Developers and maybe have addon to purchase...example: Shipping
    • Free Trial(time base) with limited access to board and options.
    • Purchase preselected option for regular 'Usergroup Membership' (time, access, options)
    • Purchase additional option within that 'Usergroup Membership'
    • You can only enter a 'Forum' join a 'Usergroup' or new 'Usergroup' if you recieve a generated code from Administrator.
    • Cart will have shop like features to sell tangible products.
    Could not find a thread page on cart systems... maybe was not looking hard enough
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  2. Forsaken

    Forsaken Well-Known Member

    Hopefully Mike and Kier look into releasing their cart add-on they did with some of these features :p.
  3. AmericanForum.com

    AmericanForum.com Well-Known Member

    I would love to see a self-serving banner ad system :)
  4. Grover

    Grover Well-Known Member

    Hello Jose,

    What do you mean by 'Shipping'? For my understanding: how is a cart system different from the Paid Subscriptions/User Upgrades that is already in place? It is not possible (I never used Paid Subscriptions before on my board) to setup different subscriptions to achieve what you want? I have no clue, so please explain if you have the time.
  5. Jose Amaral Mota

    Jose Amaral Mota Active Member

    Shipping (module/plugin/addon) <- for purchasing real objects, but you can build that into the price.

    Paid Subscription / User Upgrades needs to be modified by an Administrator.

    The cart system would only have one group [Register], then a new member would join as normal and have the option to purchase by money and or trade in trophy points or just use the default group and purchase at a later time. As the system stands, you can not customize your own option(s) and only select what has been setup for you.

    Avatars (larger, animated, [board defined: not available])
    Signature (allow image(s), more line(s), characters)
    Forum Access (special area (pages), admin gen. Code, time limit access)
    Profile Posting (allow images)

    (Some things within the forum needs to be standard though out)

    The cart system would let you purchase from a store front and not what you see in all subscription base forum(s). Just my thoughts, but would like to read/see another version....

    mind you that this might make it a bit hard to import other forums, as they would need to follow this new method and or we follow what is here already...
  6. Michael Dance

    Michael Dance Active Member

    I Love this idea :)

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