Fixed  WYSIWIG - Text-Align Right Bug


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The Text-Align right button on the WYSIWIG editor isn't currently working in the editor it makes the text float to the right but if you switch to BBCODE version there is no [right][/right] tags and when you submit it it isn't right aligned.

As an example

(this image is set to right align using tags)

(this image is set using the editor)


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Text align right button in WYSIWYG​
Seems to be right aligned. You sure you're not actually pressing in indent button or something?​


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Maybe it only effects images then... Didn't think to try with text as it was an image in my signature that I was trying to right align...

Some Right text set with editor.​
Some left text set with editor.​
Some Centred text.​
This image is centred with editor​
This image is set to right with editor.​


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Yes ok... Bug only effects images... it seems the editor adds style="float:right;" to the image instead of adding it to the right BBCODE, this style then get's striped when posted.


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strange, I centered my sig image using the wysiwyg :| maybe I got lucky
Did you enter the image as BBCODE though and then centre that? Or did you use the image button on the WYSIWYG then centre that???

As if you were centering the BBCODE then the WYSIWYG would work but centre the image that the WYSIWYG creates and it doesn't...

I spent ages unable to work out why my signature wouldn't go to the right :(