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A lot of people do, and for very good reason. :)

Every day you will discover something about XenForo that will make you say "wow". I still say it, :)
Lawrence if you aren't suppling cake then we're not interested ;) Just found the member card thingie today ... WOW!!!!


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You've not seen the member card til today?? :eek:
I don't have time to click all the options, gradually getting round to them :) Thankfully the wow factor makes it like Christmas morning every day .... that's enough to get cake right? One of the Admins I'm discussing picking up the product with is getting some what irritated that I'm not up on all the options (I have no idea on about 90% of the options in our current product) ... hey you don't have time to read books, I don't have time to spend hours on individual forums :) (That might change if we go start up on one site, price is going to be the determining factor there as our budget isn't large and there's a couple of other things that would at this stage be more beneficial to what we do).

Okay off to finish my review on "The Last Tribe", excellent Kiwi thriller btw.