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Working on building xenforo into a site

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
I'm working on a seamless integration with my new site: www.sportsdiscussion.net.

http://sportsdiscussion.net/upload/index.php - I'm going to be adding the sidebar back, just underneath instead of on the side (I like the full screen look more).

I'm running into issues with all these blue borders and what not. [Edit] The white content part not matching is also driving me crazy. In some spots I've actually just matched the hex code because no value wasn't working.
http://sportsdiscussion.net/upload/index.php?members/daniel-hood.2/ is more specifically where I'm having trouble. I can't seem to find in the "Style Properties" part of the admin cp where these colors are determined. I have spent hours trying to get everything good.

I also wouldn't mind some input on the color scheme and layout of the site. I'm not much of a designer and appreciate all (helpful) critic.

Daniel Hood

Well-known member
Update: I started adding the stats and users online stuff to the bottom. I don't understand where the board stats file is? It doesn't have a sidebar_ prefix like the users and share page file, "stat" doesn't return any files, etc.. Honestly I don't even see where it's being included from, what generates the $sidebar var. I tried not even using it but including an extra template didn't give me access to the variables so I just decided to use the sidebar templated instead.