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first sorry for my bad english......... i have seen here, that a lot of users work with wordpress. i use wordpress too, since two weeks. i have learned that wordpress is not the fastest script. i have importet more then 17.000 entrys from our old cms to wordpress. and it was really really slow.
i have searched for a good solution, that we win speed. i have testet a lot of plugins......wp-super cache and and and........all worked but not good. (static html sites)

then i found a good documentation, about memcache and wordpress. i have installed this script and i can tell you, that the speed from my site is now ok. since we have installed this memcache plugin, the average-speed in google-webmastertools is dropped from 800-900ms to under 300ms. and all our users say, the site is now ok.

here is the way, what i have done:

1. i have a debian server, i have installed memcache after this documentation : http://www.debianroot.de/server/memcached-auf-debian-lennysqueeze-installieren-1265.html

it was really easy.

2. then i have installed this plugin in my wordpress: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/memcached/
it is easy. you must only copy object-cache.php to wp-content and it is ready.
after this i have add this 2 lines in the wp-config.php

global $memcached_servers;
$memcached_servers = array('default' => array('You Server IP:11211'));

ready. then i have installed a nice plugin, that check,
what the memcache on wordpress caches and gives me some stats about the cache-system.

you find this plugin here:


it is easy to install. then you have to wait a few hours or days and you can see, that your wordpress win speed from hour to hour. ( if the articles are in the cache)

i hope, that can help someone, if he has the same problems with the speed of wordpress. i am now happy with my wordpress and xenforo. so i will begin on monday to change, my bigger boards ( more then 37K articles in the cms and 3M post in the vb-forum ) to wordpress and xenforo.....

sorry again for my bad english.

(brogan can you write this text in normal english please :) )


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Your english is fine :) Thanks for sharing. I'm willing to bet there will be a few people greatly benefitting from this. And a decrease from 800-900 MS to <300 MS is awesome.