Windows based VPS Providers?


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Hi everyone,

I am an OS X and Linux proponent. I am quite familiar with Xen based Linux VPS providers, they are my preference. I do my best to avoid the other brand. However, I have a job opportunity this summer that may involve having to deal with a Windows based server.

Do any of you know of a Windows VPS provider that is a quality based business? I have done a search and Serversky would meet my needs. I just want a small VPS server to play with for a couple of months.


PS. I will probably place my currently unused Xenforo license there for experimentation.


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Does PowerShell alone work for you ? (512 MB) for about $20 .. reliable ... but as you know windows will devour ten times the ram so this is just for developing/playing :D


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Thanks for the tip, Blandt. I'll check them out. The best price at Seversky is $26. The performance doesn't matter. I just want to familiarize myself with the file structure and admin details before I have to face it on a day to day basis.