Why is it always a big issue to rebuild cache data?


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Hi all,

Since changing over to XF, I have this fear of installing any addons/styles as I have had many issues with rebuilding cache data once the modification is installed. Basically it stalls quite often, leaving me with a blank page for the main site. Right now it's happened again, so I'm trying the Master Rebuild for the first time by using /install/.

But I'd like to know why this is such an issue, every time I make a modification I feel like I have to back my whole site up every time in case something goes wrong?

Update: Now it seems to be stalling over the Master Rebuild even. I'm really burning over this at the moment.

Chris D

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What kind of server are you running on?

It's quite a performance heavy process, and often problems like this are indicative of performance issues on the server.

Jake Bunce

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But I'd like to know why this is such an issue...
XF trades extra processing at save time for optimal performance at run time. That means saves (styles, templates, groups, addons, etc) can be large tasks, and large tasks are sometimes subject to server limits and performance.

Normally if the rebuild stalls then you can just refresh the page until it completes.