Why am I not surprised that the upgrade went flawlessly?


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Yeah, I have the same problem, but the only reason I would update is to move the DB due to the various importers that won't work with vb 3.6.9 or 3.7.3, damn I hate this business anymore.


I see the commercial from time to time, GEICO isn't getting the hint with them cavemen commercials.
I hate commercials, it's one of the reasons I don't watch tv. I don't want to manage my volume every 15 minutes. That said, the majority are horrible.
Thankfully there is 1080p youtube/vimeo clips with the GOOD commercials!

steven s

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hehe :D We are opening a marketplace in xenfans in the next 24 hours, you could offer it up for sale there ;) Give me a poke to get a free account upgrade to post it.
Thanks. Maybe once I have my 2 sites moved over. I have 2 v4 and 1 v3 license.