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whois guard - do you use it?


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out of curiosity, do you guys use whoisguard to protect your domain names? I just purchased 2 for 2 of my domains. I feel a little insecure when my private info is exposed, so this adds some security for me.
Yes, I think it's important to protect your personal privacy like home address. I would not run a domain without it. What if one day you had a big bust up with a forum member, who then decided to go do a WhoIs on your domain to get information on you.

Not wise to leave yourself wide open!
Before I came to acquire it, my forum was hacked and the then owner had trouble with the "hacker" calling him at home. Needless to say, I don't put my real contact information or my name on there. The only real thing I put on there is the contact email address, obviously.

Luke F

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I'm not too fussed about my name, email and address being on show - the only problem is the phone number.

A free skype redirection service (I forget which specifically) sorted that problem though :)

I do still use whois protection for some of my domains though, depends on the context of the domain.


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In most europe country are whoisguard probited.
Therefore we have for a customer total 18 .com and .info domains registered via US-Registrar (NetworkSolution) with protections.