Who is sticking around?

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Cory Booth

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Can I ask, of the developers still here, who is sticking around until we all get the final answer?
I think I have lost over $500 in donations/payments to folks who ending up disappearing before the item I paid for ever came to fruition.

I am also seeing more and more developers bailing out and leaving me/us with unsupported mods that were paid for...

I'm not trying to argue the whole - you got what you paid for - thing....
I am simply trying to take inventory of the items I have and may potentially install and make sure I know if those will be supported going forward.

I'm also getting very tired of kicking out large amounts of cash and then watching the person disappear - yeah, my choice/gamble - but still - it's getting old.

And to the Mods... This isn't a TROLL question... It's a REAL question that I think is reasonable to ask. No edits are allowed to this unless I am notified first.
I'm in the same boat here. Sorry, couldn't resist the pun, considering the nature of your websites, lol. A lot of these addons are things that should have been core features too.
I'm not an add-on creator but i have given alot of my time to XF posting resources, mocking up layouts for add-on creators and 100's of other stuff to do my part in improving the xf comm. I'll repeat what I said last night....

" Despite what issues are going on at xenforo. I'll be still supporting it till the end, I admire excellent products and although I am prity realistic about the outcome, I just haven't got it in me to turn my back on it. "
Isn't it possible to leave positive or negative feedback after paying for someone's services? If not, perhaps it should be.
Well, if you buy something that's released in the resources section you can leave them a rating there.
I am also seeing more and more developers bailing out and leaving me/us with unsupported mods that were paid for...
I asked 1,000 times to find a better way to pay for and support addons but I was TROLLED to death for asking, by well, almost everyone.
I was hoping to avoid your exact problem. But the relentless heat and lack of interest from KAM ... I dropped it. This problem happened at vBorg and Xenforo is the same.
I would like to see more participation from the Xenforo development staff, however, their lack of activity is not a deal breaker for me. Xenforo is still the best option currently on the market. I do fear though, that IB is going to bury Xenforo with legal costs and possible years in court. IB knows that they can drag out this legal battle to basically drown xF in their own legal cost.
I will continue to support all of my current add-ons.
However, until such time I am convinced that XenForo still has a heart beat and some development is running through its veins, I will not be creating any new ones.
I'm certainly not blaming developers for leaving - for whatever reasons... But for those developers that are completely sure they will be around, I'd like them to say so - just so I know. And hey, things can change tomorrow too - I get that as well... Just curious.

I'll give you an example...

I've been promising a gallery for my members.... I kicked in to Galeria, then some custom work, and then another gallery....
I still don't have anything to show my members (except UserAlbums)...

Anyways - not knocking the developers - but I'd like to hear from the ones that intend to stay as long as possible...
Got no reason to leave. The software is great. The lawsuit is baseless. And XF's market continues to grow.
Jake, couldn't agree more...

However, never know what the future holds and I totally understand those developers that, for whatever reason, decided to move on.
I for one intend to stick with XF for the foreseeable future and need to know if I can count on various plugins if I build on top of those or perhaps future edits to XF core make them unfunctional.
There are some very interesting plugins/products coming out and I'd like to help fund the projects, but I'm getting wary lately...
I'm not budging and actually I don't think many people will.

Those that have left might not necessarily be because of the state of affairs here. We are all susceptible to real life issues and perhaps that is the real issue and that could happen even in an environment that is being actively developed.

Some people just lose interest and never come back.

I'm pretty sure that won't be the case for most of us.
IGN's using it. Sony's using it. Even in a worst case scenario, we'll figure out something.

We're sticking around.

Understood, but I am interested in the major developers here. 8thos, Jaxel, Ragtek, LMS, etc... (from the top resource list)...
I'd like to hear from them - and ofcourse others...

This wasn't/isn't intended to ask forum owners - only the developers...

Maybe the title should have been, "Developers...."
IGN's using it. Sony's using it. Even in a worst case scenario, we'll figure out something.

We're sticking around.

you shouln't compare the REAL BIG ones with avarage joe forums;)
They have the manpower/money for development...
Just check the Bug/Future Bug Fix/Suggestion Forums to see how many LOC (lines of code:p ) IGN Coders had to change...
There are also several posts from other BigBoard Owners pointing out that they're not able to run xf without several core changes;)

Got no reason to leave.

The software is great.
Great, but it's still missing many basic features.
The lawsuit is baseless.
Maybe, maybe not.... The judge will inform us in some months

And XF's market continues to grow.
really? Personally i feel, that a big mass exodus is starting (several client projects were stopped or are on "hold on" till some news from KAM or vB5 .......)

On the other side, there are also several people who invested too much for their move to xenforo, so they need to stick with it for the next years and i have an contract with some of them for the next 1.5 years...
That's also a reason for my staying with xf 1.1.3 for at least 1.5 years
In this time i'll also try to support my released addons as good as possible (and release many many new ones... but it's a virtuous circle because each new addon needs more support which ends in less time for new ones:( )
Now where i don't need to be worried anymore, if feature xyz will be in 1.2 or not, i can code it without any financial risk....
IGN's using it. Sony's using it. Even in a worst case scenario, we'll figure out something.

We're sticking around.

Hmm, curious about the Sony forum using xenforo... my web searching has turned up nothing but phpBB and Lithium for their official sites.
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