Whitelist email domains: Moderate all new accounts with new email domains


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XenForo currently has a blacklist for email domains.
I would like to suggest adding a whitelist as well. I know from experience that this is a very effective method of avoiding problematic email domains.

When an email domain is not whitelisted nor blacklisted, then optionally moderate account upon the registration.
On 'Users Awaiting Moderation' (/admin.php?users/moderated) clearly display the email domain as a hotlink and allow the staff to blacklist the domain.
If the account is approved, then the email domain is added to the whitelist. Further registrations from such domains will not be automatically moderated.

I have been working with this setup and it works really effective.
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This could be useful for internal company forums, where the majority or all of the registered users are required to have a company email anyways. Only allow employees to register and block or moderate anyone else.


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Maybe I write an add-on for this. What is in the white list? User Criteria (posts - registered date ...)? Or usergroup? I guess lots of boards have some kind of hidden spammers who register and start spamming some time later.


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The white list only needs to contain a list of email domains. We practically never look a domain up once it is in the white list. Once a domain is researched & reviewed by a moderator /admin and found to be a legit domain then there is no need to ever look at it again.
To research it there needs to be a link to a google search for the domain. THis will quickly expose any mentions in blacklists or other problems and will also show the domain itself.

I currently have custom addon for this functionality but it has some coding issues. (it loads all data into simpleCache)


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With all do respect, I'm bumping this thread to support this suggestion.

Is better than a 'black list', because there is sooooo much bad domains out there.

If we can just permit certain domains, would be a great thing for the Moderation.


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Any news on this?

This is the right way, because everyday are new disposable addresses so blacklist wont resolve this.