Where to post here?


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There's a lot of posts in the Offtopic forum that are actually about XF stuff so I think they really belong somewhere else. Offtopic is really for personal or society or art or sport or whatever that has nothing to do with XF.

They don't necessarily belong in a support forum like this. They can be about general admin issues of running a board for example. How to use and target XF for our projects.

There used to be a good section for General XF but it changed after Oct 5 beta release.
I think things are no longer clear and it means having to look through more places to find relevant stuff.

Could we look at this please?


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I went through some of the topic titles in Off Topic and none caught my eye. When you come across such threads can you report them please, it would be very helpful to us as we want to keep this forum as organized as possible.

Thanks, Shanj :)


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Since Lawrence's post above, we've discussed this issue. We'll be talking with Mike/Kier about it.