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RM 1.1 Where is the file storage folder?

I'm trying to hardlink a ftp mounted space with the resource manager upload folder, but I'm not able to locate it.

I've found the forum attachment folder, but I'm searching for the resource manager one.
(INFO for future readers: attachments are stored on forum/internal_data/attachments)

Many thanks in advance for any reply.
I don't understand. I've uploaded from resource manager a file that has a size of 5.2MB.
As you can see, the biggest file in internal_data/attachments/0 is only 1.3MB:


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Check the xf_attachment table - the attachment_id matches the digits before the - on the file name.
Sorry, I think that there's a problem.
Entering the xenforo correct attachment folder, there aren't files bigger than 1.3MB (I uploaded a 5+MB one).
In this screen, you can see the /attachments/0 folder without match on database ID.

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