Whats the support like on the iPad and iPhone


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Many sites are now designing for the iPad and iPhone (and other mobiles / tablets)

I imagine browsing the forum should look good, but is the forum easy to use?
The buttons look quite small, and there is quite a lot of roll over functionality that you woudnt get with an iPad (since its touch, and you never roll over)

Does it play well with the iPad, and it is easy to use with the iPad?


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A dedicated mobile style is in development, but even so it works fine as it is on the iPhone, iPad and HTC devices.

There are also Tapatalk and Forumrunner add-ons if you prefer to use those.


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I am always browsing these forums and my own using my iPad since it is simply easier to pick up and go with it, I find it a doddle and the forums work great. The roll-over stuff is still kind of there in a sense that you can just lightly click to get the same outcome as a roll-over on a PC.

I am, however, looking forward to the mobile style that will be sent out with the 1.1 release :)