What's the proper way to read an unread thread?


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Do you click the title of the thread itself? or the date?

Reason I ask is, I haven't been here in a couple of weeks, due to housesitting for my mother, so there's numerous threads in all forums, that I haven't had a chance to read.

When I go to read said threads, I click the thread title, but it takes me to some random post, mid way through the thread itself.

It seems to do this when clicking the date, as well.

For instance, I went into the "Have you seen" forum and clicked the "Creating a simple modification" thread.

I was taken to this URL - http://xenforo.com/community/threads/creating-a-simple-modification.3532/page-2#post-53509

I've not read this thread before, but it takes me to page 2?

When opening the "Lightbox issues" thread in Suggestions Small Tweaks/Features, it took me to this post..


Again, not the first post, but half way down the first page.

Am I doing something wrong? heh


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I just joined this forum a minute ago and am noticing this as well. It looks like a bug to me. If you click the title of a thread you should, imho, always be taken to the first post of the entire thread. (even if you've already read the first few pages). If you want to be taken to the first unread post, you should have another button to click.


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This has been discussed before. For some it seems to work, for others not. The thread title *should* take you to the first unread post, but if for example you have clicked *mark all forums read* this thread will be marked read too, until new posts are made. This can get confusing...

I still think clicking the thread title should only take you to the first post. It's simple, and simple works.


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This was a problem for many of us, but they extended the time period that assumes you have read a post out from 10 days (!!!) to a longer time period.. however I have just started having this issue again recently - it might be a setting has reverted to default with the last upgrade?


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It was my understanding that you click the thread title to be taken to the latest post in the thread, and the thread date to be taken to the first post in the thread, I always click the date, if I haven't posted in that thread before.


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Hmm, for someone who doesn't visit a forum everyday, it doesn't work for me.
I find myself having to click the thread title, then scroll up, click the number 1, just to read a thread I've never read.