Duplicate  "What's New?" option for search results

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Normally, when I visit the forum I just push the "What's New?" button.

And then have to read through the tons of the fantastically uninteresting stuff like "bmw strange noise" or "bad smell of my dog" topics. After 5 minutes my eyes start sending me pain signals meaning stop looking through all these.. texts. The truth is I do not want to read new messages from the certain categories like "our forum in madagascar" and I never will 'cos I live much norther. And I always forget to sign up for the interesting topics. And I really want to know what is new in the interesting categories.

Suggestion: just add an option field to select which categories to exclude from the "what's new?" search results. When the WSN? button is pushed there's a tiny link to "What's New Settings" and if pushed then the full settings list pops up.