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What's hogging bandwidth?


Active member
This is my stat for klocksnack.se, a page with about 40k pageviews/day.
I've turned off attachments for users, and still get this amount of traffic. Is it normal for a Xenforo board?

Does embedded images (from other pages) get cached on Xenforo? I've got more traffic DOWN than Up...


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I see a lot of these in posts:


Some kind of image proxy? If you are piping all external images through your server then that will certainly increase your bandwidth usage.
I haven't made any changes that I know of, how do I turn that off?

These are my installed addons:
Installed Add-ons

Most Online User 1.2
Responsive Design 1.1.2
Sitemap for XenForo 1.2.7b
sonnb - Xenforo Trigger Lightbox 1.0.8
Tapatalk 1.5.2
Template Modification System 1.2.2
VigLink 1.0
XFA - Previous and Next thread link 1.0.0
[bd] Tag Me 1.7.2
[dc] Smiley Manager 1.1.0
[InfisJSC] Topic starter's rights 1.2.3
[Kinetic] Remote Image Uploads 1.0.3