What's a good, automated backup strategy and process?


My main site is a wordpress site, so I have wordpress backup plugins that do automated and regular database backups. My host also does an FTP backup of my entire site daily, weekly, and monthly.

So my XenFolo forum is backed up as part of my entire host account backup process, but what is a good automated backup strategy for just backing up my XenForo forum? Now that it's all installed and being used, I want to be able to quickly recover from a disaster that is limited to the forum. Advice?


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I realize there are multiple threads on the topic already.
My strategy has been to use a cron job to run automysqlbackup.sh on a daily basis and save it to the server.
I also us Backup Smart (requires cPanel) to download all of my files , including my saved database files.
This works well since one of my database files is very big.

Ideally it's best not to save your backups to your own server, but using this method I can save the backups locally.