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XF 1.2 What you see is not what you get


Well-known member
I find the editor that xenforo has implemented to be frustrating. Case in point: I paste some text in from Word. The text looks fine. 2 spaces in-between paragraphs. But when I click Preview, all of the spaces between paragraphs are gone! I then have to go insert an extra space between paragraphs in the editor window, which looks like 3 spaces until I preview or save.

Crickets. That's wysiNOTwyg. Why is that? And what's the solution? Thanks.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
Sounds like a bug.

You could post that in the bug reports forum.

Probably just need to detail the exact specifics of the issue including XF version, browser, OS, and steps to replicate.


Well-known member
WikiMedia has a plugin that converts Word formatting to the best approximation via CSS. It's as accurate as it can be, but not 100% of course.

@jauburn, you might have better luck offering to pay someone to write an add-on for you rather than waiting for (or demanding that) XenForo to implement the kind of formatting you want.

Personally, I would find the kind of formatting you're looking for to be disruptive. I do as much as I can to limit what a user can "customize" in a post. I think too many text customizations detract from the conversation in the thread.

But that's just me, and that's for a general forum, of course, not a poetry forum like you run.