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what is teh most popular screen resolution


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The number i'd love to see is some kind of aggregate of all the sites on google analytics, that would be good info.

Anthony Parsons

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My personal idea has been 1024x768 and higher, and it seems like I was right about that :D

I find it hard to relate to statistics though, because you can usually get very varied results (just look at the browser market share debacle etc).

I also did a quick test, and it seems like both India and China have a high percentage using 1024x768, which most likely influence the statistics quite heavily. I also took a look at this: http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-qGFhH37nDfo/T3GpTTPFPOI/AAAAAAAAA7A/xf9OWQVI9aw/s1600/resolution.png

It is more or less useless, cause it only lists the most popular resolution, but could give you an indication of what your target audience is "most likely" using (unless you are like me and are color blind, makes it a bit harder :( ). Funny to see that 1366x768 is the most popular resolution in large parts of Africa, did not expect that.


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Not many people now design with 800x600 screen res in mind these days, instead shifting over to 1024x768. With 960px being the usual most go for on fixed width. 760px is too narrow when coming to forums and can cause cramping with the layout e.t.c

I guess if you run a business website selling something, it can still pay off to use 760px fixed width to cover all, still makes sense in that respect. But does suit website design mostly and not forum boards.