What Core Phrases Have You Customized to Your Liking?


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Explain why, if possible.

  • admin_control_panel_short: Admin Control Panel
    - Just sounds better than Admin.
  • admin_cp: Admin Control Panel
  • forums: Forum
    - Technically, it's one forum containing multiple discussion forums.
  • likes_received: Likes
    - Shorter.
  • log_in: Log In
    - Title case.
  • log_in_or_sign_up: Log in or Register
    - One word that means the same as "sign up."
  • log_in_or_sign_up_to_post: You must log in or register to post here.
    - For consistency with the above.
  • log_in_or_sign_up_to_reply: You must log in or register to reply here.
    - For consistency with the above.
  • member_since: Joined
    - Shorter.
  • notice_board_closed: Forum Closed
    - Forum sounds better than board.
  • search_forums: Search Forum
    - For the same reason as the forums phrase edit.
  • sign_up: Register
    - For consistency.
  • sign_up_now: Register Now!
    - For consistency.
  • sign_up_with_facebook: Register with Facebook
    - For consistency.
  • terms_and_rules: Forum Rules
  • terms_of_service_and_rules: Forum Rules
  • terms_rules_text: Replaced with our rules.
  • trophy_points: Points
    - Shorter.
  • x_said: X
    - Shorter.
  • x_was_last_seen: Last Activity
    - Shorter; also, the username is redundant since it's already clear who's doing it because you're either on the person's member card or profile.
  • you_must_agree_to_these_terms_and_rules_before_using_site: Essential rules for the forum. Be sure to read them.