website title SEO


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I discovered that Google is giving high priority to the "website-title", however at XF the website-Title is quite limited in space as this title also shows up at the website itself (class = titleBar).

I think those 2 elements should be separated in order to increase SEO and have more flexibility in giving another name for the "titleBar" which in some cases is not the same as the "website-title".


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When creating a template for a page you can specify <xen:title>. This will set both the page title and the h1. If you want to set the h1 to something different then you can do <xen:h1> after setting the title and they will both be completely different. You can also set <xen:h1 /> to remove the h1 all together like on the profile page.


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I actually would like to have the "Title" which is being sent to users in the "confirmation Email" to be rather short, so literally showing the "domain-name URL" for this "Title".

The "h1" Text should be the same wording as mentioned above (1).

For the "website-Title" (which is usually indexed by Search-Engines) I would like to use a much longer text with some keywords. So for this I would like to use a different text than in (1) and (2) as mentioned above.



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it's quite a pain if you change this manually, as you need to find the "Board Title" in every template in order to change it. :(