We have likes. What about hates ???

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Well the thread title is explanatory, can you guys add a "I hate your post" module for forums that want to get some fireworks going, we don't have to use it here (but I would like it), but I think it should be an option to offset all the like points for some forums.


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As far as the developers are concerned, they decided they didn't want to include a negative feature such as dislikes or hates.
Personally I agree with that approach.

I suspect though that someone will code an add-on/mod at some point for such a feature.


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I prefer the more positive atmosphere that we have on xf.com than we otherwise would have if there was a dis-like button. We probably would not have posts like this showing up as frequently

I do understand that a more upbeat atmosphere is not desirable for everyone, well..... actually I don't understand that. If I wanted negativity I know many sites to visit. Regardless, I am sure someone will release a mod that will have a dis-like.

I am not clear why this is in the off topic. If I can find an applicable existing thread to merge it with I will do that.
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