Lack of interest Watched Threads


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I just had a look at Watched Threads and I didn't find it very useful.

1. Only 20 threads - I watch a lot more than that.

2. It seemed like most of that 20 were threads I don't see as that important.
I mean I do want to know what they're saying - so it's fine if I get notified by email because then I just read them to stay informed. They're like background info.

But there are others I'm really enthusiastic about. For these I'd like to prioritise them.

How about the Watched Threads page has a Favourites section for my 10 most interesting threads.

When one of these updates it goes bold or flags.
But if there's more than one flag only the flag I visited disappears when I return to the page so I can check the next one (unlike Alerts).
When a Favourite thread has';t updated for X time (a month?) it greys out. A red coss or Delete button lets me remove it from my Favourites.

Below that another list of up to 30 more threads which are like the current ones, just recently updated.