Watched Resources Categories

Adam Howard

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When you browse resources, you can browse by catagories


These feature seems lost when you want to locate something you're watching.
In my case that is almost 5 pages worth and without any organization.
Except for update notices, it's really hard for me to find what I'm looking for & simply watching something becomes close to useless.


I think it would be very useful if the categories carried over into the watch resources. :)


Vote up. For example i found 2 similar addons then a was looking for a new addon for my forum and can't find their names in watching resources, but i know that they have the same category. This feature'll help to find them.


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Sorry to dig this old thread. I do need something like this to organise my Watched Resources because I would like to categorise which watched resources are installed on my forum and which of them aren't. E.g. I wanna create my own folders/categories such as "My Installed Addons", "To be Installed", "Keep Watching" etc.


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I'd like to suggest to add a 'Watch Category' button at each Resource Category page, with two options:
1. receive an alert only when a new Resource being added to the Category;
2. receive an alert when either a new Resource being added to the Category or a Resource update occurred in the Category.

Note: Above was what I wrote for another thread, regarding "Watch Category" in RM, which was marked as Dup by Jeremy.

Adam Howard

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Oh just realized it is different. He wants to be able to sort watched resources by their categories.

Pretty good idea actually.
YES :)

Because right now my "watch list" is 12 pages long. And sometimes I'd like to revisit some of them & I don't always recall the name, so a search isn't going to be helpful either.