Lack of interest Warning System - does it record bans on a user account?


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Just a quick Q as this has just cropped up on our forums whilst discussing a member who's heading towards a ban.

We have two 'infraction' usergroups, one which they go into if they have accrued more than 10 points which limits a few things and then another one which bans them temporarily.

We can see past offences in a similar way to XF - question is, does XF record when a user slips into a usergroup setup similar to the 'infraction' usergroups inVB?

That way we can see at a glance if the user ever tripped over the limit and got punished or if they accrued the points after the previous ones had expired and thus never tripped the usergroup promotion action.

All it would need, if it doesn't do it already (and I don't think it does because I didn't see it in the 'have you seen' vid) is when you view the user's rap sheet, it simply has a line under the warning that took them over and says 'User was promoted into the 'Infraction 1' usergroup'.

(It was a Question, but if it doesn't do it, can this be moved into Requests please!)