Lack of interest Warning Categories & Tabs


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I am aware @Waindigo has an add-on for such a feature, but the add-on also contains additional features we most likely will not use, and I think such a feature being in the core would help quite many people.

Currently, if you have say 10 warnings they are all in a huge list, below each other. There is no organization, we cannot arrange the warnings, it defaults to warning points/expiry date.

Warning Categories
Similar to smilies, add "categories" to warnings, where we can create categories and add specific warnings to them. Sometimes, there are 0 point warnings for signature violation or other minor matters, then there are slightly serious warnings for behavior & content, and then the major ones.

We also use 0 point warnings to promote certain users to X user group for X amount of time. Categorizing all of the warnings and not having them show up as just a list will make moderators life much easier, as well as organization. We could specify (verbally) to our moderators which "category" of warnings they aren't allowed to issue (example of organization).

Warning Tabs
And once again, similar to smilies in tabs when categorized, the warnings can be tabbed as well. Once again, to reduce the clutter on the warning page as well as for organization, if a moderator views restricted number of warnings in a category, it's easier for them to process information (especially new moderators, who don't have any moderating experience).

Tabs are a great way XenForo organizes content, and I think the warnings need much love.

Apologizes if a suggestion already exists, did a Google search + XenForo search and nothing came up.