Add-on Wanted - Customized User Upgrade Add-on

Donation -> 60$

Looking to purchase a add-on that will add the following to a stock install of xenforo.

1.) Add a customizable node or page that can list available upgrades etc (like a shop window)
2.) Ability for users that are currently subscribed (upgraded) to purchase extensions even if the original upgrade is not available for purchase. (Upgrade exists, but not able to purchase).
3.) 2 Hooks ->
1 on purchase successful
1 on upgrade expired / charge back / refunded so we can call custom code later on.

Let me explain what i mean in more detail.
1.) User upgrade "Supporter" available to purchase for 5$ -> 2 people purchase -> i close it and nobody else can buy.

Person 1 wants to stay in this exclusive group and wishes to extend for 1 more month but purchases are closed, i would like for to him to be able to do this.