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XF 1.2 View user posts from user edit in admin cp


So I just banned a user. I'm at his profile in admin cp and I want to view his posts and delete all or some of them.

How can I view all his posts in a nice manner where I can select what posts I want in order to delete them?

Thank You
Yea. I thought I can do it from backend. I can see all their posts in the profile but there is no checkbox to select posts that I want to delete.

Also, is it possible that when you use spam cleaner for the topics to be HARD delete and not soft? I don't see a point to keep something in the database that I know it's spam.


P.S. Good to see you back.
No faster & easier way to see a user posts with some checkboxes to select & hard delete?

Why is XenForo Soft Deleting whenever I want to use the spam filter? Basically I'm not using the spam filter at all because of it :(


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If you want to run the spam cleaner (should only be used if they actually spam), make sure the user meets the conditions to use it.

As for the rest of your post, I'm not sure what you mean.
Basically I get spam only users. All their posts are spam so I simply want to ban them & hard delete ALL their posts. I didn't found a way to easily do that.

I go to the user, I can ban him but then what? If I spam clean his posts they will be soft deleted which I don't want because they are spam and I know it.
The only way to see all their posts are trough profile, I see all their posts I see that they are spam but there is no way for me to select all his posts and hard delete them.