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We are a gaming community that's been running since march 2011, we started off as a Call of duty clan and we then decided to open it up as a community for friends of friends and anyone who wanted to join and get involved with discussions. We have over 620 members and nearly 160k posts. We run FIFA and Madden leagues that anyone can join and soon to be Call of Duty and Projects cars leagues/tournaments.

We were using the PHPBB forum software up until November which was great but it was nearing its end and it needed a refresh and xenforo fitted that bill nicely. We are using Audentio's @Mike Creuzer UI.X theme which is great and the community is loving the mobile friendly theme.

I would love to hear what you guys think -


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I don't know much about gaming (or what is "typical" among gaming forums), but I do like the look of UI.X! So looks good. :)