Vendor Plug in

Hey guys I'm about to make the jump from's a full time job keeping up with the weekly security patches. :censored:
Not to mention I can put up two site for the price of one VB.
Is anyone creating a vendor tool for xenforo? Like the one offer by Drive Thur.(VB only)

I sent them a PM to see if they were going to port it for XenForo but no reply yet. Maybe the leaders could rattle the tree, I think it would be a great market for both parties.

I think a good vendor tool is the life blood to keep income streaming in.

Just talked to the guys over at Drive Thru Online and they will soon be on board porting their software to XenForo! That's great news for me and my wallet.
Nope there is not. I think they will start when the legal actions are over! I think they mean this IB vs xenForo thing. And this is still going so maybe it will take a long time. Hope not!