Implemented vB-alike Notices System for xenForo


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I would dearly miss the great Notices system that vB3.8 comes with. If you guys can implement something like that (and improve it, like we have requested here for so long :mad:), it would be truly awesom.

A sophisticated Notices System in xenForo can be used for example to show new members how certain functionality works in xenForo. You know, if it would be possible to check for example on certain conditions like 'has the user uploaded his/her own avatar?' or 'Did the user ever used the private conversations feature?' ... then the software could display a help text (with guiding images) to explain to the user how to do it! We have suggested this many many times overthere at vBulletin, but it was never picked up.

Nevertheless, just a basic vB3.8 alike Notices System would make me very happy! Who's in? :)

Edit 16/02/2011: It is also important to me and my staff that Notices can be constructed using the wysiwyg-editor. It is a complete pain to construct Notices in for example vBulletin if you want to use some markup: For admins/mods who don't understand or don't want to use HTML, the great wysiwyg is/would be a life and time saver for constructing Notices!

Reminder: If you think this should be default functionality in XenForo, the please [like] this first posting! Thank you.


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Notices default in XenfForo is a must imo. It's a feature of vbulletin I especially enjoyed using and found beneficial to replace stickies. Nice suggestion and a must if you ask me to be included into XenForo. ;)


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Absolutely! Notices was one of the few real improvements in the last few "upgrades". We've used them for all sorts of things including putting forum specific OpenX ads in.

I love the idea of being able to use it for new member help/tips too.

It would be really nice if you could have it show in just a handful of forums instead of just one or all. You can't have multiple options that qualify in the way the criteria currently work. Hope that makes sense? Anyone that's really USED notices will know what I'm talking about :).


A basic notice system is something really nice. And I think with an application module this can be achieved. Custom page that's using a custom table and an admin link to manage them.


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yeah good notice system is a must, maybe if there's plans for out of box side bar support to have notices options to display in sidebar as an alternative too heh


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A notice system to pop up like when I click on the avatars would be great.

Go to and have people see a dismissible popup for the important things.


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Don't sell it short as a Basic system. Well implemented, a notices system can be used for FAR more than just notices!
It becomes a system to setup specific targeted display of content to just certain forums and only for certain member types. This has far more potential than just as a fancy postit system.

  1. Help system for new members.
  2. Walk throughs to show how to use new functionality for existing members.
  3. Mechanism for forum sponsors to communicate with specific groups/demographics.
  4. Allows admins to setup channels for their advertising placements, so ads are only shown to forums that are within a given vertical, thus improving the quality to the advertiser and reducing the waste of impressions best used elsewhere.
  5. Means of promoting contests, and raising visibility of upcoming events.
  6. Scheduled updates about new things/events so that the admin can set things up for (say) warning people about a maintenance window without manually turning each on at a given time.
  7. A way to add/remove custom js scripting to perform specific functions without getting into messy template hacks.
The usefulness of such a system is largely controlled by how granular the criteria can be, whether they can be scheduled/re-occurring and most importantly:

How easy it is to PLACE where the notice will show up in the site.

Don't think of it as a "Notices" system, it should really be a full fledged module system that handles custom html/js and potentially php (though you'd need to consider the security implications there. Still if it's all admin defined...).

Anyway, I'm a big fan of building full featured SYSTEMS that can fill many roles instead of lots of little special purpose systems that become really hard to keep track of/maintain and administer. I've very little patience with things that are single purpose, give me a competent multi-tasker any day! ;)


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true.. just a thought

how about option to promote post/threads into notices ? for those noob mods etc who rather post on the forums than navigate the mod/admin control panels :)


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Can someone post a link to a vB notice?

I have no idea what this system is.
Well, not quite what you were asking for, but here's is the admin side of it:

It is brilliant functionality in vB 3.7/3.8.

Also, what is the point of having an Announcement system, if you also can use the much more sophisticated/flexible Notices system to accomplish the same and even more?