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Vampyre next style to come


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I spent so long making the logo and category graphics for my own site that I started seeing many different variants of it, one was a blood red version specifically for Goth or Horror sites. It hasn't stopped nagging me, so I figured what the hell, why not have a semi-futuristic Vampyre style out there.

I know most people will not like the idea of this style, please don't comment if you're just going to be rude!

For the Goth's and Horror fans out there, you'll have your clammy lil'claws on this style 'soon'!

Stage 3 demo:




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The text and links are very hard to read, at least for me, on the screenshot above.
That's because it's a reduced pixel image, the attachment manager here is messing around with images when uploaded, if they're above a certain size it is reducing them without regard for maintaining pixel quality. I have tried to over come this by submitting a smaller demo image but obviously for some it has proved insufficient, I have now added an actual size clip of the demo image, hopefully now you will see the links and text more clearly. :)