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User Upgrades Questions


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How is the (active and inactive) process controlled when a user buys an upgrade or after it expires?

In other words,
I create a User Upgrade and attached that to a User Group that includes an add-on for that specific user group ( which could include a specific Resource group too ).

This upgrade has options to be purchased daily , weekly, monthly etc. If they choose "Daily", (buy it$), does Xenforo activate it for the day and then downgrade it 24 hours later?
Will the one user group work for all options (day, week, month, year etc) or do you need to do anything more for each duration?

Any tips or extended FAQ on this, please share.



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Thanks! Man I love this software.

Next related question.
A user group permission specific for a Resource Category is confusing me.
I create a Resource Category specific to the upgrade. It appears the Upgrade Group can still create articles in other categories even though they don't have permission. ALL Prefect Categories are showing in the dropdown menu on the first level. I'm wondering if this is a bug or if I have a permission incorrect.

Does this make sense?


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I create a Resource category called Press Releases.
My upgrade is the the corasponding Press Releases User Group allowed to create a Resource. Do I need to set the Resource Permissions as well or do they inherent the upgrade permission?
Do I need to change any of the Resource permissions as well or do all of them inherent the the corresponding group upgrade?


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Figured it out!

I was setting up the permissions on the Usergroup upgrade which trumped the Resource permissions. Leaving the upgrade inherent was the ticket!


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Thanks to your help, I have all this sorted. :love:

Last question,

I know its possible to manually upgrade a user by adding them to that group but is it possible to include a time duration on it bypassing the automatic upgrade?