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This may be more of a suggestion, but I'm not sure how you'd tackle this with the overhead of SQL queries, and if it should be done at all.

When a user posts a thread, their username at the time is saved in the post/thread table, hence :

Discussion in 'Suggestions: Bigger Features' started by vrtsolus, Jul 31, 2010.

However, if the principle post username is changed, this is not reflected in the thread.

I am wondering if this has an effect on SEO, or what could be done, or should be - if any at all.



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This code does what you want... but we are concerned about performance.

We generally don't have indexes on those user ID fields, as XenForo doesn't use them for the most part, so each of these update queries, including the on on the xf_post table, could potentially be doing a full table scan.

I'm not sure we actually want to include this in the core code.