XF 1.4 User group titles issue


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Over the last week, I've noticed that every 24-48hrs, the group titles go back to the primary group title. The users remain in their groups (which have a higher styling number), but for some reason, the primary title shows up.

For example, I'm in both "Registered" and "Admin" groups. "Registered" is my primary group, which has a styling number of "1" and "Admin" has a styling number of "1000". When I first noticed this just under a week ago, I thought I must have unchecked myself from the "Admin" group by mistake whilst making some changes or something (although I couldn't remember doing it) and I thought no more of it.

Then I noticed it happened again the next day, and again, I assumed it was something that I had done, maybe not saving changes after adding myself back to the group the day before or something like that.

Anyway, it's just happened again today and I like I said above, I am still in both groups this time, yet it's the primary group title that shows. I checked a couple of other tests accounts that I have and it's the same thing, they were in both groups, but the primary group "Registered" is the group title that is displaying.

I have to rebuild user caches to make it display how it should (which I've done).

Anyone have any idea why this might be happening? It seems like I'm getting removed from the group, then added back in, but until the user cache rebuilds, the primary title gets displayed :confused:

Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated :)


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Have you checked the user logs in the ACP to see if you are indeed being demoted and then promoted again to a user group via a user group promotion?


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Also, do you have any add-ons installed?

If it happens periodically at regular intervals, then it could be related to a cron task.


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Hello @Martok,

I don't have any user group promotions running. I checked the user log, and it just has "Old value" = "blank" "New value" = "Admin, Mods". This is has happened a few more times that I've actually realized.

Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 19.16.18.jpg Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 19.16.40.jpg

You can see where the old value is blank, then the groups are being added.

@Brogan, yeah I do have add ons installed, but I haven't installed anything new for a while.

These are my cron entries
Screen Shot 2015-04-12 at 19.23.48.jpg

I believe the only add on ones are for "Bookmarks" and "Featured threads", but I've had these installed for a while now without any issue.

Is there anywhere else that I should be checking for cron tasks?



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Anyone have any ideas on this?

I added a user to 3 groups "Inactive" "Active" and "Gold". Active is primary, inactive and gold are secondary, with Gold having the highest title display number. After a user cache rebuild, the Gold title displayed as it should. After an hour or so, I then removed the user from gold and added them to "Platinum". The removal happened instantaneously,(after one page refresh) as did being added to platinum and although they are added to the group "Platinum" and have "Platinum" privileges, without having to do a user cache rebuild, the "Gold" title is removed, but the "Active" group title displays instead of the Platinum title.

User group title display order:

Inactive: 0
Active: 100
Gold: 200
Platinum: 300

Thank you


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It sounds like something isn't being updated correctly.

You will need to disable all add-ons and confirm whether it works as expected then.


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Just an update

I turned all the add-ons off and the primary user group title was still getting displayed.

Anyway, turns out, it's an aMember thing, instead of just adding the registered group as primary, it also sets it's display order as primary, so when I do a user rebuild in xenforo, things are corrected, but then when aMember does it's own cron task, things go back again. I've asked them if this can be changed because it's not necessary and messes things up.

I don't think I noticed it before because I did have a few user group promotions, which I assume corrected things at the time, but I recently got rid of those a couple of weeks ago.


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If you had mentioned that you had aMember at the beginning, I think we would have pointed you directly there. aMember is well known for directly manipulating the XF user groups in the database (potentially bypassing some of the processes as well). It usually pushes you to a non-recommended group setup as well (since it only allows primary group modifications from what I know).


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Hi Mike,

Brogan knows I have aMember integration as we've discussed it a few times before. And to be fair, it's not something I would have thought to mention again anyway, because to me, the title display order was handled in XenForo by the display number. So, I thought, as long as a user is in both groups (which they were), then the higher number would have it's title displayed. Obviously knowing otherwise now, I know this is not the case and aMember, for no reason at all, changes the title display order as well. Because it changes it for no reason, I wouldn't have thought that it would be something to do with aMember, if you get where I'm coming from. Honestly, I was thinking it just had something to do with the user group promotions, because up until a couple of weeks ago, I did have a few set up and then I done away with them and I now have no group promotions, so I was starting to assume something may have caused an error when changing this set up.

Knowing that aMember is causing the issue and they say this the expected behaviour, it makes it easier to see now that the XenForo user group promotion cron was correcting the aMember set up and inadvertently "hiding" the problem that aMember is causing. Obviously now, without the promotions being active, the titles are not corrected making the issue easy to spot, but not the cause.

aMember allows multiple user group integrations now and you can set the primary group by having it higher in a "Group Priority" list, but it doesn't mention that this also changes the title display.


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Quite honestly it's impossible for me to remember all of the thousands of posts and tickets I deal with on a weekly basis.
That's completely understandable, I wasn't saying it as though I expected you to remember so you should have pointed me in that direction, I was just saying to Mike that's it's something that we've discussed before, so if I thought it had anything to do with this issue I would have mentioned it to you after you replied, if that makes sense? Plus, when posting an OP, I have no idea who is going to respond and at the time, aMember wasn't even on my radar, because like I said above, it changes the title display for no reason, whereas, Xenforo having a user group promotion cron and add ons that could possibly cause title changes, it was easy for aMember to not even make the hit list.

aMember only spiked up on my radar because I decided to do a XenForo DB rebuild inside the aMember CP to see if that would correct any sync issues that I thought my disabling the user group promotions may have caused. After the rebuild I noticed straight away that it changed the title display back to the primary title, so then I done a user cache rebuild in xenforo and it displayed correctly, then I done another DB rebuild in aMember and went back to primary.



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Hey guys,

I'm working on resolving this issue and I've got it so that aMember only adds the group_id, sets is_primary and adds any secondary groups and it doesn't touch the display_style_group_id anymore, so it won't "reset" it to match the primary group number. Only down side is, it doesn't touch it all, so until a user cache rebuild is done inside xenforo, it won't change.

Anyway, not sure if it's the best way to do it, but I was wondering how I could trigger a single user cache rebuild so that XenForo will still be "handling" the display_style_group_id by the display_style_priority when a user's groups are updated?

Or if there's a better/easier way to do this, it would be much appreciated.

Thanks dudes


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Ideally, aMember would get in touch with us to resolve the issue correctly.
Or even post in the development forum for support.

We have mentioned it to them several times, but for whatever reason(s) they refuse to do so.

Personally I advise anyone who asks about aMember not to use it, due to the problems it causes.