Not a bug  User Activation

I've been mucking around with my copy of XenForo on (very well protected and limited, which I believe I was allowed to have as well as another site with the one live site, since it's a development site), and I think I've come across a bug.

Upon registering a second account for myself to test the notifications, etc, I noticed it didn't show me up in the ACP as needing to be approved. I had the Email Verification settings turned on, which never sent me out an email. Even after disabling it, it would not let me activate myself from the ACP or let me post, since I wasn't "activated".

I even tried to move my account to an Administrator group, to no avail. It still showed that I was not activated, and had no option to activate me in the ACP. Is this a bug (well known or new), or am I completely missing something / doing something wrong here?


Yes, as per EULA you're permitted to have a private test environment alongside your live site. I think XenForo Limited appreciates it that you took the precaution to protect the directory. Thumbsup

Did you add the user via the acp, or as a normal user, guest > sign up via front-end.

You can't activate yourself from the acp because as a non-admin you can't get into it. You would have to set the user up as an administrator first.

I have yet to come across this potential bug, and I have installed many xenforo instance on many different servers.


Oops, forgot to include the image. Sorry.

Are you certain the primary usergroup for the new user is registered,
and that the account status is set to valid?

And that the forum you're trying to post in has it set that the registered usergroup can post new content in that forum?

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 7.56.06 AM.png
Thank you for the help, I didn't see the "User state:" options from within browsing the User in the ACP. It wasn't a bug after all, it was me missing something silly. Sorry about that! I've come from MyBB and am still trying to get used to it all. :D


Glad to hear it's not a bug, and that you've learned a bit more about XenForo. As long as the problem is resolved!