Cannot reproduce URLs: url/page-1, page-0


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I have some accesses from googlebot. Workaround:

Search in route filter: threads/{threadid:digit}/page-1

Replace: threads/{threadid:digit}


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Do you have examples of where they've been generated? The code specifically never adds a page number param for page numbers <= 1. Without seeing how they've been generated, we couldn't fix it.

With the redirect in place, those route filters aren't necessary.


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Honestly I can not reproduce this, I just noticed some links in Google Webmaster. I guess its just some addons going wild :)


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If you don't have page-0 urls in your google webmaster account, then this is clearly some issue because of my third party addons and you should move this topic to resolved bugs :)
What addons are you using? Do you have a lot of them? If not, maybe you can list them here so we can check. I think that this might hurt your SEO.


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Honestly i did write some addons on my own, also manipulating routes. I guess if other developers dont find these entries, then its most likely an issue on my community. It's a very minor issue anyway.