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Url patterns, what do you prefer?


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site.com/nUfed7dA (where the first n stands for News, Ufed7dA is the parameter)

I think the last one is the best. Simply because it will stay the same for years.


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I prefer the way XF has it as well. I never particularly liked /234/567/title or odd combinations of it. The only time I didn't mind that was for blogs or news articles that I could tell the date by the URL (2008/6/16).
Out of those options I like the third the most but I've come across one that's pretty much the same that I think is even better.


Then you can adjust the news-title to whatever you want or ditch it all together if you need shortness.

As an example the Stuff news website in NZ uses that format. So the following three urls all point to the same story.



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I like the third one too. In fact, I am not a big fan of XF's current URL structure. The argument that we read left to right is a moot point considering that the title is now wedge in the middle of the domain and ID/Request parameters.

It's much easier, for me atleast, to focus on the end of a string to get the relevant title.