Updating versions, how easy?


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this is often overlooked until after we start using a new program

I hope this is an easy response.

How easy or what is the process when new releases come out to update our community?

The simple example:
Drupal for instance, the site itself goes in one spot and is really simple to update files. The user images and things that never need to be changed remain in separate directories that are never updated.
Addon modules also have separate directories which never need main and user content .
So when a new release is added, you simply just drop that new version into the root or add-on directories and you or golden.

Other than the exception of a few minor files changes, Vbulletin, always includes the entire lump and you need to be careful you don't overwrite or forget to do something. I hate that. Its always stressful for me compared to Drupal
How is it for xenforo?


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It's quite easy and is a matter of uploading files. The upgrade package removes two directories, but most code goes into a combined library directory, XenForo being contained in its own folder there. The same applies to style images & JavaScript files.

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this is often overlooked until after we start using a new program
How is it for xenforo?
Easy Peasy.
Only thing you sometimes have to be careful of is when the versions go from a 1.X to a 1.Y series. Sometimes some add-ons may not be compatible and you need (you should anyway) disable your add-ons during the upgrade process and then after successfully upgrading re-enable them. You can disable them all at once via the config.php.


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Way too easy :) All the "Pre XF" forum platforms have put fear into webmasters / forum owners.. XF is great / simple and am yet to see one update cause any grief yet.