Update - TaigaChat 1.2.1 [Deleted]

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Update - TaigaChat 1.2.1 - TaigaChat with fast-commands added

Hello guys,

Dear is a little update of the TaigaChat under 1.2.1 version wich contains some fast-commands buttons like that.

1. Presentation :

[EDIT] Messages options (you can now send a message private directly by clicking on the link "Conversation", warn a member by clicking too on the "Warn" link.)
[ADD] Button wich empties the shoutbox (you must have the /prune command to make the button works).
[ADD] Tag Shoutbox.

There are some screenshots :

The empty-shoutbox button :...
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Luke F

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this is not an official update right?
Correct, it's not.

OP, while I appreciate your additions, can you please remove the .xml file as I don't allow redistribution of it in its entirety for language packs or any other purpose.

If you would like to keep the modification available, please do so in the form of a patch/diff against the standard .xml file, or as a separate addon containing appropriate Template Modifications


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I have removed this resource based on the comments by the original add-on author above.
If you wish to re-release it, complying with the requirements, contact me via conversation and I will restore it.