Unhappy With Subscription Email


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It doesn't exist, yet, apparently...I checked pretty thoroughly as well.

I'm just using the watched thread option without email for now...
As far as I can tell, the options are Enable, Disable (e-mail notifications) and stop watching thread. But I haven't found where you can change the frequency.


Threads you watch are instant, with mail or without mail. I almost always (on any site) use without mail.

Digest for daily, weekly hasn't been found by me yet. But who knows, maybe it's planned?


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Additionally it is not that necessary to receive e-mails for subscriptions as we have Alert system in XenForo

Anthony Parsons

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No doubt... no doubt... was just curious and thought the feedback may assist them. To be perfectly honest, even the post by post alerts is a bit much, because within a matter of one hour on here, that page when I go to it is pretty much unreadable. Imagine if you where watching 50 current topics and what that page would be like to try and view on a busy board after you went to sleep and came back the next day? Ouch!

I like a lot of this, and taking into account alpha... extremely impressed. I honestly hope a repository does take off for it, as I would seriously consider changing everything over to this if it heads in the right directions with third party mods. Very intuitive, yet just so simple to use. I just looked at the advanced search and near fell of my chair. Easy, yet powerful, calendar integration for date selection. Really just quite nice all round.


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No plans for digests at this point - as far as I've seen, they're very infrequently used, but if they're requested we can reconsider.

I agree about the per post bombarding. It would be reasonable to only send you a message if you've visited the forums/the thread since the last message. Same with the alerts. I'll have to do that...