Unable to save templates on local host


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Hi people, I'm trying to setup my new xenforo board but im unable to save any templates using
apache on a local host. I have no errors in any logs at all.

Any idears?

Jake Bunce

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Thankyou you jake, Looks like the same problem :( any hint when beta 4 be available?
Based on previous beta releases I would guess beta 4 will be released within a few weeks. But there is no firm release schedule.

You can try asking Mike for the specific code fix. I don't know if it's a simple fix or not.

(again, this is assuming your problem is caused by the same bug)


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Hi jake, i've double checked everything and a everything is working correctly. I normaly design styles and stuff on my local machine then transfers the finished work on to the live site. If a quick fix is avaliable i'd be happy to use it as im unable to do any styling.