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I can't seem to find the setting in the admin panel for editing the contents of the Extended Footer columns. There are two different settings screens for the extended footer, but they both show generic text and not my custom text. Where is the actual setting?


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@JackieChun and @Dakis

I have the same issue. In the documentation of UI.X you can see custom text fields you can fill out, but they are not there anymore.

In Style Properties -> Footer those text fields have been removed.


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It's not in Style Properties > Footer

It's on Style Properties > [UI.X] Footer

These are 2 different things.


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And how do I get there? It is a bit hidden @Dakis

I don't see it when I go to:

Appearance -> Styles -> UI.X -> Style Properties -> Footer

And somewhere else I'm not able to find it?

Wait, I'm in the Xenforo 1 section, I'm on 2.1.4 :D

For Xenforo 2, the text columns seem to be removed:

Sorry for the confusion.
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Found it. For some reason, when you click on Apperance, Style Properties in the XenForo admin panel, it takes you to the parent style's settings, that's why I was seeing default content in the extended footer's columns. I had to manually switched to the child style to see the customized values.