Line 25:
<a href="{$homeTab.href}" class="crumb"{xen:if $microdata, ' rel="up" itemprop="url"'}"><span{xen:if $microdata, ' itemprop="title"'}>{$homeTab.title}</span></a>
after itemprop="url"'} there is an additional "
Argh nearly forgot: using xf 1.1 b2
EDIT: removed colorcode from the quote
Are you sure you're not confusing ' with " there?

And isn't that from the breadcrumb template?
uuups yea it's in the breadcrumb template... I was opening the PAGE_CONTAINER template.. sorry...
Anyway.. this is how it looks like:
<a href="URL_of_the_Homepage" class="crumb" rel="up" itemprop="url""><span itemprop="title">Home</span></a>
The itemprop="url"" messes up the source code view in IE.

Edit: seems like the typo messes if you hide the home tab and using Jaxel's XenPorta as replacement


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Oh now I see it, it's between the } and >

Rich (BB code):
<a href="{$homeTab.href}" class="crumb"{xen:if $microdata, ' rel="up" itemprop="url"'}">
I couldn't see it in the code you posted above because of the color tags showing as plain text.
You need to use code=rich to show formatting in a code box.