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Two different WYSIWYG Editors... which would I be getting? (Demo Request)

Hey there,

There are two version of your WYSIWYG Editor features I'm familiar with. One is the one this board uses, the other is MUCH more decked out, stylized, and has a ton of dropdown features.

Could you please familiarize me with the two? I would greatly appreciate it.



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You will receive the editor as it is on this site, if you are testing the official redactor site, that is a radical change and upgrade from our current one.

Adam Howard

Well-known member
This is what the other looks more like.

This is what the current one looks like.
The first editor is the old original 1.1.x editor. It was large in file size, not mobile friendly, or easy to support a responsive design.

The current editor (in XenForo 1.2.x) supports a responsive design, is small in file size, and is mobile web friendly. But you can of course change the button colours and icons if you're just going for the look.

Chris D

XenForo developer
Staff member
It's also worth noting that the functionality between the two is the same so the comment: "the other is MUCH more decked out" is not strictly true.

Adam Howard

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So you're saying, in essence, they have the same features, but a different interface?
Generally, speaking, yes. The new editor is more mobile friendly and also loads quick becuses it's smaller in file size (as well as the code is better optimized)

www.sociallyuncensored.eu 2013-10-18 16 35 33.png

Attached is how I've changed my icons. There are a few free resources here on XenForo.com that easily show you how to do it, if colour is important to you (even a newbie can do it)


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So you're saying, in essence, they have the same features, but a different interface?
No, they don't have exactly the same features.

There are 4 editors compatible with XenForo:
  1. The default one (a rewriting of Redactor done by XenForo developers that works better than the original)
  2. TinyMCE 4
  3. MarkItUp Integrator - 2013 (BbCodes editor)
  4. Minorin (BbCodes editor - don't know if it's working with XenForo 1.2)