Trying to display custom resource field data


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I'm trying to display custom resrouce field data in the resource_field_list and the resource_featured_list templates. I have Waindigo's custom fields plugin installed, and I've asked in his plugin thread, but I know the stock RM has custom fields built in to it so I was hoping I can also ask here.

I've added a field with the id of ven_logo. I tried adding {$resource.customFields.ven_logo} and various other combinations to the templates above with no luck. It will not display the field data for "ven_logo". Just to validate the variable code, I got {$resource.customFields.ven_logo} to work in the resource_description template. Looks as if I need to add a query in a file to make these fields available for display in templates outside of the resource_description template. Is that true? If so, where and what do I add?