XF 1.4 Trouble converting from vb to XF

And I am stuck in the middle here and I admit I am not a techno person. Also trying to install XF package for my new website but that's another problem for another day.

So I loaded the XF package onto the server. I use Ipswitch more out of habit that for any other reason. I did the config file because the values should not have changed from vb.

I should be ready to install but all I get is "Internal server error". Maybe I Missed a step somewhere.

Chris D

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You created the config file yourself? That could be a problem. I would suggest deleting that and running the install because that will create the config file for you automatically.

Tracy Perry

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Did you place all the files in /upload into the root directory of your virtual host. To frequently a new user will copy the /upload directory in the vhost root and that won't work.
I don't mean to sound like I'm talking "down" to you, because I'm not. It's just that you stated you were not a "techno" person, and that has even got some folks that were "techno". :)
Tracy, you aren't talking down to me. Just an old dog learning some new tricks, or, trying to upgrade my life skills. I live and learn.

I have the xf files on a thumb drive. I loaded it into the existing connection I have with Ipswitch. In addition to what I downloaded there's a folder showing in the right panel of IPswitch called antifraudintl.org which contains a lot of files and folders that are all operating commands but they look like vb files and folders.

To answer your question (and thanks for your help) I don't think I loaded them into the root directory but I could be wrong.

I was trying ton install a full xf package onto a new website yesterday and I was planning to upgrade the current website in a few days but the IPswitch seems to have installed into both connections.

Tracy Perry

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If you are on shared hosting using Apache, typically an new domains you create will be under the /public_html folder. You need to find the domain you created and copy all contents of the /upload folder over into it. If you are not familiar with the process then I would suggest engaging the service of someone who is, as if you have a currently running site and copy the XF files over it, you could have (and probably will) have problems.

Tracy Perry

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If you want to start a convo with me and don't mind sharing your login details, I'll be happy to take a glance at it and see if it is something I can figure out.