I've been a member of a few XF forums for about year or so now and one site I was on was once an Invision power board forum and we had custom ranks that went along with the niche of the forum.

Unfortunately the forum has recently closed due to management issues and some other stuff but that is beside the point. Our custom ranks with IPB were mimic once the owner of the Xenforo site converted over to XF.

ranks such as
Fire Emperor
Water Emperor
etc etc

were made into the trophies with the post count you needed to get to earn the trophy. Okay cool.
Unfortunately when he converted over, all the members ranks were lost and we didn't get the trophy title.

So if i had 350 posts and I was supposed to be Prince it would say something like Advanced Member
It pissed a lot of people off because we lost our ranks/titles and the owner never could figure out what to do or he just didn't care enough to fix it.

We are in an auction to win the site as owners but I am considering a move back to ipb(Should I win) but before that happens, is there a way to make trophy titles backwards compatible?
Backwards compatible with the ranks

Meaning if a member has 800 posts Pre-XF conversion, once we convert over to Xenforo and set up the trophy ranks and their post requirements that it should reflect the custom trophy title(Emperor) instead of member or advanced member.


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Trophies and the corresponding titles are processed via a routine cron task.
If the member meets the requirements they will receive the trophy and title.